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10 historical facts you never knew about Godalming Surrey

Godalming town- Surrey is actually a civil parish located in the county of Surrey in England. It is present in the Waverley district; and the town is almost 7 kilometers away from the southern side of Guildford. Godalming is basically located at the shores of the River Wey. This town enjoyed great prosperity since its formation, and has also served as a best catalyst in the development of the London commuter belt. Its history is full of amazing facts and stories, which I am going to share today.

So check out some interesting facts you probably never knew about Godalming, so just have a look on few of them…

  1. This is basically an area attached to the Kingdom of the Middle Saxons which is also called Middlesex, and the name Surrey basically derived from ‘the southern region.
  2. Guildford is generally named after a great ford of golden sand which is the south of the town. It was also dredged in nearly 1760 when the river was completely deepened in order to make it easily navigable for barges up as far as Godalming.
  3. It’s 3 most popular street names are High Street, Church Road & Station Road
  4. Its transportation system is excellent and highly affordable since history. You can easily catch Godalming taxis from anywhere so that you can get most comfortable means to visit everywhere.
  5. Mary Frith (who is also known as Moll Cutpurse), was the famous highwaywomen on record, who also robbed on the several heaths of north Surrey.
  6. Chobham Common is the common and the supposed location of the most popular Chobham Treacle Mine which is a long-standing joke believed to have stemmed from nearly 1852 when an army of approximately 8,129 troops were assembled there to be completely reviewed by Queen Victoria, before departing to the Crimea and then ultimately left behind the barrels of buried treacle.

There are still some hidden historical facts you may never knew about the Godalming, but the fact is its ancient ceremonies and people will never be forgotten and still will be remembered by modern generations.

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