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Moroccan sand taste

Ten thousand streets. Modest numbers – “A Thousand and One Nights,” “Ali Baba and the forty thieves” – a form before the VIII century riverfront Fez’s Old Town arithmetic. One fifth of the one million citizens do not intend to move out of the maze, flooding the rush of the workshop, the colorful markets, volatile cafeteria, walking people, and cute little animals, smell pleasantly and killing her scents, artistic and naturally occurring sounds, fierce emotion. More of everything, especially for the first time in the Arab world fell foreigner.

Reaping the way the windshield wipers, the car sailed through the dense mass of people in the market town. “The way it is”, – said one, when asked whether this can be achieved in the direction of the south in the SEBI ergo Sands (Erg Chebbi). “No, there is no way” – another doubt.

People did not lie: the way and was not. After 20 miles it just ended. To the horizon in all directions stretched the gray, rocky, sun heated boundless “gravel”, the vastness of loneliness happy humpback. Fortunately, up to 150 m to the top of the dunes could be seen rising in the distance, it was clear the direction of travel. Rattling teeth and enjoy the off-road, a couple of days of shoes hung on a nail.


I’ve never eaten so much sand. A strong wind genes is “occupied” the entire body and clothing cavities relentless epilated bare feet. Maybe you did not need to roll screaming shifting waves of the sea, but subdued sense of freedom brought to the surface somewhere deep pockets concealed in childhood. Off-white, brown, yellow and pink – they changed the color of the sky at sunset travel and unlit bases of pure play value to rotate the neck pain, Looking around to getting a new drew of natural image. Just not say the air on a flying grains of sand in 3D leaping his shadow.

From walked kilometers dull muscle starry night sky I held astronomy exam. Nothing but peace, not overloaded brain wondered how much dirt can be washed civilization walk in a large sandbox.

Standing next to the sand Kasbah ( defensive house of clay, straw and wooden beams – author ). Raging white hairy puppy . Powdery sand on the surface leaving many feet imprints, ” blond wig ” happy to pat each hand . ” Leave one from Switzerland , – explained calmly knocked Berber drum . When he saw the audience mercilessly distorted faces, hurried to calm : ” The refusal of leave here … ” I realized that this place just to stay longer dangerous.

However, from the natural beauty and then failed to escape . Snowy peaks of the Atlas mountains , green palm oases dressed canyons, rocky wasteland nicked chains – Feast plains region representative of the eyes. Tired from staring at the rocky architecture and Dadeso Todra canyons lean and waterfalls decorated with the highest peaks north African Tubkalio Valley.

Scenery is perfect, if not occasional spontaneous dumps and areas to be protected in its midst quads. I believe that this country will pay attention loving king of the image , along with state flags adorn every office and household.

End of the trip in Marrakesh’s bustling felt at ease as a resort. Chaotic street has to move from the second time. Unsubscribe persistent jesters, fortune-tellers and storytellers services to be able to smile and tireless offerors snack deterred tap over bloated belly. Heart of the city – jam al Fna Square – a stronger impression made ​​in the evening, it turns into a large boiling pots, small performances and body art realm. Trying to also taste all the spices for ending scurry down the street looking for water. Some cozy Riyadh (traditional residential building open inner courtyard – auth.) Last time enjoyed great couscous with lamb. Apparently, it was a sign that the time for home.

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